Nyungwe National Park

About Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe is forest national park located in south western Rwanda. It borders with an extension of Kibiri national park in Burundi south of lake Kivu and west of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is found in Rusizi district.
Nyungwe is the biggest national park that has boosted and has been a hall mark for tourism in Rwanda which generates millions annually and the top destination for tourists in the country.
It was established as a national park in 2004 and it is a habitant for over 1000 animals ,birds and natural species making it a relevant conservation area in Africa with 970sq.km area coverage that makes it the largest montane forest on the African continent.
It receives an average of 1800mm-2500mm of rainfall and 15 degrees Celsius temperature annually which is a favorable climatic condition .September to may, temperatures are very low and

the sun is very low since it is a rainy season and from June to september the climate is very favorable since it a dry season( summer) which makes it the good season to visit the park

Journey to Nyungwe

In a 4hour drive to Nyungwe from Kigali is very fun since there are a lot of attractions on the way which include Nyanza King’s palace and national museum where you can break your journey before reaching the destination where you may stop by and learn more about Rwandan culture and cultural expression for example participating in music, dance ,storytelling ,herbal medicine local beer brewing ,hunting skills and other traditional skills.

The winka visitor center which is the headquarter of Nyungwe, where you are provided with information and the historical back grounds of the park, its fauna and flora plus the local culture are worthy a visit.

Wild life in Nyungwe

Primate tracking

Nyungwe is a home for over 1000 species which are 75 mammals among which 13 are primates namely: vervet monkey ,redtail monkey , owl-faced monkey, L’hoest’s monkey ,blue monkey, Mona’s monkey ,eastern needle claoved galago, Bosman’s potto ,golden cat ,marsh mangoose and giant forest hog.

Bird watching

Nyungwe is among parks with the largest species of birds with 332 birds species which include; red collared babbler and 29 other Albertine rift endemic species. Butterflies are also a common sight with at least 120species and it’s the only place to spot rare forest bird species; white headed wood hoope , Rwenzori turace, Rwenzori batis , Ross’s turaco, Kivu ground thrush ,kungwe apalis among others.

Mammals in Nyungwe

There are 75 mammals well known in the park such as the cervet cat, mongoose ,Congo clawless otter and leopards to name but a few. Most of which are shy and cannot easily be seen, they are only tracked on their foot steps and waste droppings left behind. Chimpanzees attract travellers more than any other mammals species to Nyungwe forest national park.

Canopy walk

This is one if the reasons why Rwanda has become top tourist destination world wide. It is not a place for relaxing but also for adventure. The forest is a shelter to a 200m canopy walk that gives excitement that can hardly be compared.

Getting to the canopy, it takes the 2hours from uwinka visitor center. It was opened in 2010. It’s the first in East Africa and the third on the African continent.

It is suspended above the montane rainforest of Nyungwe national park. The 160m long and 70m high suspension bridge is accessible and gives you a real sense of the scale of Nyungwe .

The canopy gives you refreshment, wonderful view of trees ,sights of fantastic birds that fly across as you enjoy the walk face to face meeting butterflies, birds and monkeys.

There are things you would never miss for the walk.

1.1liter of drinking water 2.Rain jacket
3.Hiking boots 4.Walking stick

5. Cameras.

Accommodation in Nyungwe


1.one and only Nyungwe house

Nyungwe has luxury lodges well suited to the requirements for guests such as a heated infinity pool, gym, a place for massages. The villa has 24

rooms among others double beds too s have convenient amenities including LDC flat screen TV, minibar , the hotel supplies tea and coffee.

2.Nyungwe top view hill hotel

The hotel is made of 12 rooms, each with a seating area, sleeping area, enjuited bathroom and fire place. Nyungwe Tip view hill hotel is suitable for traveler’s budget gives a beautiful view of Nyungwe forest park all around.

Camping in Nyungwe

Though the park has no inside accommodation infrastructure, but camping is an activity dine inside the park where travelers stay overnight in the wilderness sleeping in tented lodges.

Camping id the only option for one to stay in the park since there are no hotels

Places that offer camping services are; uwinka reception center which is the headquarters of Nyungwe Forest park and that is where the park activities start, mount Bigugu camping site ,Congo Nile Divide trail, camping in kitabi eco-center and lastly camping in Karongi district

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