About Huye

It is found in the southern province and its one of the 8districts of Rwanda. It is the largest city in Butare with an area of 581.5 km² with 13 sectors and 77 cells.

Places to visit

Ethnographic museum of Rwanda

Due to its history and culture that was well preserved. In the entry of the city you are welcomed by National ethnographic museum, a store of Rwandan cultural and archeological sites.

And on continuing you come across the National university of Rwanda and the National institute of scientific research as well as various training schools and colleges making it an academic center

Butare catholic cathedral

It is the largest cathedral in Rwanda and it is also called our “lady of wisdom cathedral” it was built in 1930s when Butare was the colonial capital to commemorate the life of Sweden Queen consort of the Belgians. It follows the Roman rite and serves as a seat of the diocese of Butare which was elected in 1961 by pope john xxxiii.

Mount Huye

Mt Huye gives its name to the surrounding Huye district, part of the southern province, which was formed in January 2006 following the reorganization of local government.

The mountain is connected by ridges to Nyungwe forest to the west, and is Albertine rift.It is an important source of mineral water, supplying both huye bottled water brand and Maraba fair trade coffee plant.

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