Akagera National Park

About Akagera National Park

Akagera national park is the largest protected wetland in Africa and the only Savannah grass land and refuge for species in Rwanda. It is found in the north eastern part of the country which borders Tanzania and it was named after River Akagera.


It covered over 2500km² in 1934 preserved to protect animals and vegetation, it was later reduced in size to 50% in 1997 making its total area to be 1122km² and this was due to the relocating of refugees return I g in the country after the civil strife of the genocide against the Tutsi which harmed the conservation area by poaching and cultivation.

How to get to Akagera national park

From Kigali to Akagera park via Rwamagana It is 108 kilometers and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes in a car drive.

The best time to visit the park

You can visit the park anytime of the year since its always open and welcoming visitors but the finest time to visit Akagera is during summer season which is the dry season and that is from June to september.

This is because grasses are thin and that eases spotting of different species and they are clearly seen.

Animals in Akagera national park

It is characterised by woodland, swamps, low mountains and savannah. It serves as shelter for wild life including lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hyenas and antelopes.

It has various primates species found within this park such as vervet monkeys, olive baboons and nocturnal bush babies.

Activities in Akagera

Tourism is growing and Akagera is among the finest places to visit, it has an inspiring conservation story as it’s a home to families of species. And the largest park  in the country with beautiful Savannah grass lands with exceptional binding experience.

There are various activities done at the park, spotting of different species, boat rides, camping at the park, birding, game rides and spot fishing.

Bird watching

The park has about 520 bird species found inside the park, so far everyone who wants to be impressed by birds the only place to visit is Akagera national park. It had a great number of them. These can be viewed during boat rides in the savanna grasses.

Boat rides

For a better view of birds  and other animals, boat riding on Ihema lake is the best optional, it enables you watch water birds, hippos and elephants are always on lakes shores

Spot fishing

Fishing in Akagera is done along shores of lake shakani and as you catch fish your surrounded with great sceneries and other wild life like hippos, bush bucks, water bucks and black rhinos that have been introduced recently from south Africa.

Camping at the park

Camping is among the interesting and common form of accommodation in the park fire is set before darkness settles in the park and set up tents.

The park had 3 camping sites which include; shakani campsite, muyumba campsite and mutumba  Akagera camp site that offer overnight stays and offer other basic resources like toilets among others.

There are also accommodations of 3 star hotels which include Akagera game lodge and Ruzizi tented

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