Start Selling Event Tickets Online with us is the best and trusted website in Rwanda for selling events tickets online with good working condition, we are trusted with hundreds of event planners in the whole country

We sell both electronic and physical tickets depending on seller’s choice

250events Cloud Ltd Helps you also sell tickets on gate, provides tickets scanner and professionals team to coordinate the whole entrance process.

How to sell ticket online

When filling the details of your event on our website, you reach where there’s a button “Paid ticket” by pressing that button there comes a pop-up form where you can fill all details about your ticket, pricing, and discount, date of sales, and the instructions of the ticket.

On complicated tickets and big events and festivals please email our sales team at sales@ or give us a call on +250787278439

Getting Paid for Sold Tickets

In case you are selling events tickets on 250events, we are in charge of reporting to you about tickets sold at the end of the sales period you set up for your event tickets.

Note that we have MONEY BACK GUARANTEED to our clients. We are supposed to give back their paid full amount for the canceled events, in that case, we pay in 2 different ways.


  1. On-site cash payment by one of our agents after confirmation from the site that the event is set to happen. The event organizer or person in charge must sign both receipts after receiving the full amount of his/her event.
  2. Bank/Mobile Transfer: Money will be deposited on your Bank account or Mobile Money of the event organizer account on the next working day

Any problem or issue with transfers, please contact our team at finance@

Frequently asked questions

How much does 250 events charge
We only charge 7% of the total amount of tickets sold on our website and only 3% for members
How can I see and edit my tickets
Visit your Dashboard to follow your ticket sales process. You will get all the information necessary regarding your event tickets sales on including tickets sold, tickets remaining, and visitors’ comments. We send you an email when someone purchase your electronic tickets on and we send you a daily SMS with your daily sales when we are selling your physical/printed tickets
Need a help?
On complicated tickets and big events and festivals please email our sales team on or give us a call on +250787278439
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