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For event, conference and festival organizers, gives you everything you need in advertising of your events. Posting your event is free of charge and every event posted is seen on each and everywhere on our social medias and these leads to getting more unexpected clients.


If you want to sell tickets of any type of events, visit our website and you will see a red button on the top right side, this button will take you to the form where you put all the necessary information and submit to us. Event will be posted directly but if you added tickets to sell our team will do the review and touch base with you to start selling your tickets on


FREE EVENTS WILL ALWAYS BE FREE! Incase your event is free for entrance 250Events doesn’t charge anything to advertise your event on our website unless you requested your event to be featured on top of other events and other advanced promotion services.

Didi you know, You can sell ticket on our platform! is the best and trusted website in Rwanda for selling events tickets online with good working condition, we are trusted with hundreds of event planners in the whole country

We sell both electronic and physical tickets depending on seller’s choice

250events Cloud Ltd Helps you also sell tickets on gate, provides tickets scanner and professionals team to coordinate the whole entrance process.

Physical tickets

We do our best to get discounts on events tickets that are on sale and no extra shipping cost for physical tickets. That we sell are originals from approved ticket sellers.

Electronic tickets

Most preferable tickets nowadays are electronic tickets. When buying tickets from our website we send you an electronic email through your email address. This is the most secure ticket with barcode recognized by our scanners and ticket systems on site. No need to print it just have it on your phone Intime of tickets checking. No hustle and no extra charges.
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