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Our doors are always open for talented and creative people to join us in different departments! Tour Guides, Event planner, best Marketer,

Email us at with an attached letter proving your ability, skills and your experience in such industry

Internship Programs

You are a student in Tourism, marketing ,article creation, ICT.250 events brings you a chance to join our team with skilled personnel who will help you acquire skills, knowledge and experience .

At the end of it all we offer certificates to our interns and in the due process of learning, students fulfilling requirements ,who are creative and show passion in what they do, that can lead to getting a job.

Article Writers

250events publish many posts on events and festivals that take place in Rwanda. We write about tourism and remarkable destinations, Hotel services, Museums, Art centers, Restaurants, Bars, and different outing locations in Rwanda.

In case you are a content writer well-skilled, we can help you share your articles to those that visit After sending to us your cover letter to us with your contact address, we open an account for you and send you the details of rules and condition of writing content on WE SHARE BENEFIT! 250events shares with content writers the amount of money we get from banner advertising for every page of your content, you will receive the whole progress on the monthly email sent by our financing team. When reaching the amount of money specified our financing team send to you your income through your bank account or mobile Money.

For more info email us at or visit our Main office.


You may also not be a specialist in the above services but love what we do and willing to join! Don’t hesitate to contact us, you can join our team as a volunteer, and this can be a good opportunity away forward to be the experienced and also skilled in what we do and also leading to getting a job after fulfilling our requirements.

Email us with “Volunteering” as the email subject and reason as to why you want to work with us and what you want to specialize into. Mentioning your talent and why you want to work with us can give you a chance of being accepted.

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