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We are here to help you advertising what you do and also attract clients globally using our website which is soon to be one of most visited websites in Africa..

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Customize your tour listing details, upload photos and more to show your customers what makes your business special


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We lift ourselves by lifting others that’s why 250 Events has given everyone whose business offering events and tourism serves opportunities to sell their services globally using our most secure payment platform with its partner dashboard which gives you ownership of your services and management of your clients booking.

You manage everything!

For tourism service providers such as hotels, Motel, guest house car rentals is your heaven on earth place for your business. We have built a beautiful dashboard where you manage everything from services, costs, booking, and the built-in options to interact with your clients through inbox messages.

Inside our dashboard is where you set up your payment schedule, Bank account, and your representative. It’s simple and secure JOIN US NOW>

Adding your services on our website it’s free of charge and will always be! charge a small percentage for the amount of service booked, for pricing and percentage 250events charges, please read our service contract agreement or request one at

What are the requirements?

RDB Certificate, Address, and Location, the contact information of owner and representor, those providing tourism services you will be also requested to attach the certificate that you are allowed to do so in Rwanda.

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